Top 8 Hen Party Do’s and Don’ts

Finally the nerve wracking time has come where you have found yourself appointed the task of organising the hen party weekend for the beautiful bride to be. The aspect of planning what will be one of the most memorable party nights can often become a looming and daunting task, but the key to success is all about the planning.

Making and laying out a good party plan, and sticking to it, will certainly aid you making the party ‘to remember’ and one that not everyone wishes to forget. In order to help you avoid any possible and potential disasters and chaos, it is important that you plan your budget first, once the budget has been established, planning the activities and accommodation will soon fall into place smoothly. With all the right planning, you will be guaranteed to experience a fantastic party full of laughter and fun.

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Step 1. Do – Plan the hen party!

When individuals are preparing to book their hen party it is first important to consider the time of year or also the season. Particular months throughout the year may be incredibly popular than others. To avoid missing your party booking at the dream location or venue, make sure you organise and plan as much as possible well in advance before the event. Planning early can help guarantee that your party won’t be missing out by making sure everything is booked in advance. Hen’s parties typically involve around 10 or more ladies and popular activities and venues can quickly get booked up many months in advance, so it is incredibly important be organised and on your toes.
And of course don’t forget to book your dance class early!

Step 2. Don’t – Forget the budget!

If you have found yourself in charge of throwing the blushing brides hen party, it does not necessarily mean that it will be your responsibility to pay for drinks, props and the entire event. You will need to be prepared to ask everyone who is invited, especially the ladies who are part of the wedding party to all chip in equally to help out. If you can set the hen party budget early on and in advance, it will be easy to determine how much each individual will need to pay. The earlier that you are able to set the hen party budget, the better the chance you have of collecting all the necessary funds from all of the guests.


Step 3. Do – Consider fun and silly props!

There are many brides out there who will be more than happy and enjoy being the complete center of attention on their special party night (at least it’s only for one night apart from their wedding day of course!) so why not provide them with a fun or silly prop or even two to make them stand out amongst their flock of hen party girls and to show clearly who the hen of the party is within your group. If veils and sashes are not necessarily her thing, you could always raid (not literally!) a fancy dress shop to get hold of some funny wigs, angel/devil wings, oversized sunglasses or princess crowns and tiaras? Small props like these can easily be worn while taking some fun and memorable photos, which can easily be removed if needed.
You could even dress the bride up in all white, and tie themed balloons around her waist or wrists. At least that way, everyone will know who she is, and you certainly won’t be able to lose her in a busy venue!

Step 4. Don’t – Include too many people with planning!

If there are far too many different people try and plan the hen party you may find yourself surrounded and dealing with many miscommunications and disagreements. Make sure that there is a maximum of one individual who is responsible for the entire overall planning. Nevertheless, it is always worth asking for opinions, but will unfortunately never be able to please everyone. So remember, stick to your guns and be in control.

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Step 5. Do – Talk to the blushing bride to be!

It may often be a difficult time to quiz the bride on what she would like or expects for her hen party, especially when she will be no doubt knee deep in wedding plans to be considering and dealing with, but it is still her party. It is most certainly worth asking her if she was hoping for anything specific or particular; at the end of the day you don’t want to leave her disappointed! Always keep in mind it’s her day to experience maximum enjoyment, not necessarily a day for laughter at her expense or humiliation. It is important that you also listen to her if she informs you of things that she certainly doesn’t want to do. She is your best friend (sister, daughter, or so on) so make sure that you provide her with exactly what she wants (but that doesn’t mean you can add a few surprises of your own!). Every bride should be expected to be different, so you will need to be prepared to accommodate for her taste. Some brides may wish to go out to the local or her favourite bar with her girlfriends and party all night long. While other brides may wish to hit up the local salon for some pampering, before tucking in to a late lunch. It will be your responsibility to figure out what your bride would like her hen party to be. Quite and relaxing, or a big boozy bash?

Step 6. Don’t – Go over the top or carried away!

Planning a hen party can certainly be lots of fun, but remember to make sure that you don’t go overboard, especially with the spending. Planning extravagant venues, restaurants, dinners or even surprising the guests with a VIP club entry might often be out of many individual’s budgets. Setting a realistic budget that is reasonable for everyone, and sticking to it, ensues that everyone can plan and more importantly enjoy the weekend without any worries about money or unexpected expenditures.

Step 7. Do – Get plenty of advice!

If you find that you are stuck for ideas, or perhaps just need an ounce of advice, then you should definitely ask! If your fridge freezer wasn’t working, you would call for help wouldn’t you? And this applies for party planning too! If you need help you can often speak to a professional who may be able to offer you some free ideas or tips. Don’t forget they may even be able to offer you some special discounted prices if you choose book with them!

Step 8. Don’t – Forget about the bride’s other half!

What a lot of hen party planners forget is to take the brides other half into consideration. If they are not happy or amused by the thought of dirty pranks or even strippers, then it may be best to avoid them! You do not want to be the person responsible for pre marital disputes before the big day!


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