Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations

Top 5 UK Hen Party DestinationsThere seems to be a lot of pressure these days on making hen parties as big and extravagant as possible, and in recent years that has meant that many groups have been fleeing the UK for warmer or more exotic shores for their ultimate night out.
But while there is a certain appeal in going abroad, it cannot be denied that the UK has some of the best cities and towns for a brilliant hen party, and no matter what you want, from tacky, to elegant; from cheap and cheerful to indulgent and extravagant, the UK really does have it all. So have a read through our list, and see which city tickles your fancy, we provide dance classes in all of these cities and many more! So here is our Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations:


Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations, No 1: London!

London the city of hensIt’s almost inevitable that England’s capital city would top the list, and it certainly has the right to it. As far hen parties go, London has pretty much everything you could possibly need. Spa day? Check. Brilliant daytime activities? Check. Great night life? Double check. But the beauty of London is not just that it has all these thing, but that it also has so much choice when picking them. You want a vintage bar where you have to dress like a 20’s movie icon? There’s a bar for that. You want to pamper and prim for hours on end after a heavy dance session, there’s a spa for that. And what if you want to pretend you’re being attacked by a zombie hoard and are trying to escape? There’s an event for that. It seems that there is pretty much no limit on what you can do to celebrate in London, so all you have to ask is; where do we start?




hen weekend in BrightonBrighton is a hot spot for hen parties, due in part to its long held reputation as a ‘party’ town. It’s a haven for party-goes of all types, and perfect for hen events due to the boutique hotels, beach, peer and many, many nightclubs it has. So head on over to the beach and grab some rays (weather permitting) or pop by the peer for some relaxed boardwalk fun before heading over to a restaurant, gourmet or not – your choice – then dance the night away at an exclusive bar guaranteed to be packed full of party-goers. One you’ve finished painting the town red, head back to your unique hotel for a nap, then whizz down to town for a spot of shopping in the Lanes, especially good if you prefer a shopping experience with a difference.


hen party in BathMaybe not the first city that springs to mind when thinking about listing the Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations, but the beauty of Bath enchants all who visit and is an ideal destination for those who prefer a more laid back vibe. Well known for its connections to the spas and publics baths of old, Bath has maintained its relaxed feel and the focus here is on taking things slow and enjoying the wonderful surroundings. That being said it is still a city so also has great deal to offer in the way of shops, restaurants and nightlife, so if you’re looking for a destination with a slower pace where relaxation and indulgence is key, then Bath is the place to be.


Cardiff hen nightCardiff is well known for its excellent night-life with clubs of every kind adorning the streets. You can find entertainment for any taste, from the very refined and up-market, to the more ‘exotic’ night-time entertainment, with everything in between. Add to this the fact it has a bustling list of day-time activities, including a fabulous range of shopping options, and it’s no wonder Cardiff has become one of the places to go for a good time day or night.



Edinburgh hen destinationAlong with Bath, Edinburgh may not immediately spring to mind as a Top 5 UK Hen Party Destinations, but as with all Capital cities, it has a lot to offer. Edinburgh is a perfect mix between the laid back, scenic appeal of Bath and the ‘we have everything’ approach of London, making it the ideal balance between a chilled out daytime destination and vibrant night-time hotspot. You can shop, eat, drink, dance, laugh, and relax as needed, with a huge range of things to do and places to go. One thing is certain; you’ll never get bored.




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