Top 5 alternative U.K. Hen Party Destinations

You’re planning your hen party, you want to head somewhere amazing to celebrate, but great as it is you want something a bit different to the usual London night out, but where else can you go for an amazing time?  We’ve got the answers, some of them might seems a bit ‘off the wall’ but trust us, we know hen parties, and we know where to go to make them great.  So boot up google maps and have a gander at what the rest of the UK has to offer, here are our Top 5 alternative U.K. Hen Party Destinations! 

Guildford, Surrey 

hen party in SurreyCertainly not a place that springs to mind when you think ‘hen party’, but surprisingly Guildford actually has a lot to offer as a hen party destination; not only does it have great clubs and bars for drinking and dancing, it’s got a wealth of shops and restaurants for some chilled daytime pursuits, it’s got some excellent spas nearby, and it’s also got some more unusual activities for you to try.  If you’re of a more adventurous spirit, Guildford could be particularly up your alley with indoor rock climbing, a wall to wall trampoline centre, and an outdoor activity park where you can swing through the trees on a zip-line.  All in all Guildford has got pretty much everything you might need for an amazing hen party, not to mention it’s only 40 minutes from London, which opens up a whole other world of possibilities.


hen-party-dance-hastingsFor many the name probably brings back happy memories of childhood holidays, but even if all you know about Hastings is that it has a beach and a few (actually a lot) of caravan parks, then you are selling it very short.  It’s probably not the place to go for an excessively-wild-night-out type hen party, but Hastings still has a lot to offer, and there’s a reason many people go back year after year to enjoy the ambience of the area.  It’s a well-known tourist spot, so there’s lots to do, from chilling on the beach, to visiting one of the many parks they have to offer, there’s a whole host of daytime activities to keep you busy.  But once the night falls, Hastings also has a very lively nightlife, especially if you’re staying in one of the many holiday camps they have on offer.  It’s the ideal place for those who enjoy things a little more low-key than the offerings of somewhere like London, but still want to have a great time with their friends and family.

Isle of White 

hen night in the Isle of WhitePossibly one of the most beautiful places in England it’s hard not to become enchanted by the Isle of White, and the real beauty of it is that there’s so many places to explore and choose from.  You could head to one of the more lively towns and prepare to dance the night away, or you could head somewhere quieter for a bit of rest and relaxation (which you will probably need after planning a wedding).  But no matter where you go, the Isle of White always has a chilled atmosphere, great dinning, fabulous boutique hotels and most importantly, a wealth of fun things to do.


hen night in BlackpoolIf there’s one thing Blackpool sets out to do it’s to have fun.  It seems that the whole idea behind Blackpool is to offer as much fun and entertainment as possible; it’s got adventure parks, amusements, rides, casinos, bars, clubs, a pier, shopping and restaurants, basically if you can think of something fun you’d like to do, Blackpool probably has it.  The reason it sometimes gets overlooked is because it’s developed a reputation as being ‘tacky’, but this is no bad thing, Blackpool, similar to Las Vegas, knows what it is and what it can offer and takes pride in its dedication to having a great time.  Maybe it’s not somewhere you’d want to hold an important business meeting, but for a hen party it is practically tailor made.  So strap on your dancing shoes, as soon as you step foot on Blackpool pier, you’ll be doing your happy dance.

And our Last Top 5 alternative U.K. Hen Party Destinations: Bristol

hen weekend in bBristolBristol is one of those places that quite often gets overlooked simply because it is in ‘The West Country’, but while a lot of the West Country is renowned for being tame and quite quaint, Bristol bucks the trend and shows how even a relatively small city can have a big appeal.  Being a city, Bristol has all the things any other major city has, it’s got clubs and bars for dancing and drinks, it’s got great shopping and it’s got a huge range of daytime activities for you to enjoy.  Another great thing about Bristol is that in less than an hour you can be either in the most remote and chilled place you can image, or you can head in the opposite direction and find yourself in Cardiff, to enjoy even more of the city life; it’s the perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of a major city, and the cool, calm and collected feel of the countryside. 

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