Top 3 Hen Party Activities

Choosing what to do for a hen party can be one of the most fun bits of planning it all, but also the most difficult.  There are literally thousands of activities you could do depending on what your bride likes, but let’s face it, bird watching or learning cross stitch are pretty niche things to go for, so unless you know that’s exactly what the bride to be wants, it’s probably better to think a bit more mainstream.  So we have scoured the globe, and various blog posts, to bring you the top 3 hen party activities and the reasons why they are so great.  That should make choosing a bit easier.


Charleston dance classAdmittedly this pastime has been pushed down the totem pole by other activities in recent years, with more ‘outside the box’ activities having their day in the sun (we’re looking at you ‘Zombie boot camp’.)  But whilst other activities rise and fall in the popularity ranks, the one thing that remains a staple of almost every hen party ever, is the humble dance session, and there’s a reason for this (well several actually); it’s fun, it’s cheap and everyone can do it!

One of the best things about going dancing for a hen do is that it is so versatile; you can simply grab your girls, go to your favourite club and start shaking your booty, or you could go a bit different and have a private dance party.  This can be when dance really shows why it’s such a favoured activity, because these days dancing doesn’t have to mean just waving your arms and hips about – though that is fun too – instead you can get instructors who come to you and teach you some new moves, and show you how to really shake your stuff, perfect training for the disco at the wedding.  Plus if you opt for a dance party you can have it pretty much how you want it, most places will offer different types of dance, from ballroom to cheerleading to pole dancing, and often they even offer themed parties so you can dance like the starts from your favourite musical.

But even if you decide to go old school, there’s nothing better than singing along to your favourite tunes while you dance like crazy.  Just getting out with your friends and dancing to the cheesiest music you can find is a sure-fire way to have a great time, so it’s no wonder dance always find its way into a hen party somehow.

Spa day

hen party spa daySpa days have grown hugely in popularity over the years and show no signs of stopping.  Thousands of hen parties now incorporate a visit to a spa into the schedule, and it’s hardly surprising; hen parties are all about permitting fun and indulgence and there’s surely nothing more indulgent than a massage or facial while you slowly drift off to sleep with the sounds of the rainforest playing in your ear…..bliss!  For most soon-to-be-married women, and often her long suffering friends, the run up to a wedding can be extremely stressful, and rarely will a bride to be just take time to relax, so forcing it upon her with a relaxing spa day is probably just what she needs, and probably what everyone else needs if you’ve hit the dance floor hard the night before.

Activity day

archery for hen party activity This can be pretty variable in content depending on the bride and her guests, but over the years more and more women have decided that instead of, and sometimes as well as, dancing the night away at a club, they want to test their mettle and try out something a bit less ‘feminine’.  Activity days are perfect for anyone, but especially those who prefer the idea of a daytime activity, and something a bit outside of their comfort zone.   Loads of places offer a whole range of different activities, so you could choose from archery, to off road driving, or even something a bit more ‘dangerous’ like abseiling if you fancy it.  All you need is a good group of friends, and a bit of courage (not the Dutch kind, they tend to frown on that!) and you’re set.  Probably best not to invite your 90 year old gran though….

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