Top 10 Tips For Planning A Great Hen Party

Wohooo…you’ve been asked to be maid of honour, you’re thrilled, ecstatic, elated….terrified! You will need our Top 10 tips for planning a great hen party.

You’ve got the coveted title, but now you have to prove yourself, and that means; planning the hen party, this is both a privilege and a source of immense stress and pressure, the hen party is one of the cornerstones of getting married, so it’s got to be done right!  Follow our tips below and we guarantee that the bride will have the time of her life (and you will still have hair left at the end of it all!)

Top 10 Tips For Planning A Great Hen Party

1- Know your bride 

Important things to know include, does she actually want you to plan it all, or does she already have it organised in her head and just wants you to help book it, and what does she want to do? This is The most important tip for planning a great hen party, don’t ignore it!

2- Get a guest list 

Always make sure you know who you’re inviting.  Know your audience and plan accordingly.  You’re never going to please everyone, but at least if you know who is coming you should be able to avoid horribly offending anyone.

3- Find out budgets

So you’ve got a guest list ready and you’ve planned the most amazing event ever!  Except…no one can afford to go.  Suddenly it’s you with the bride to be weeping in the corner because no one could afford to come.  Don’t let this happen, know your bride’s budget, but also know how much her guests can afford to pay. 

4- Plan in advance

Unless the bride to be has decided she’s getting married tomorrow, you should have a fair amount of warning before you need to start planning her hen party.  So as soon as you’re hired as maid of honour you should almost immediately be thinking about and discussing hen party options (that’s assuming you and B-T-B haven’t already talked about this a billion times before)

5- Explore all the options 

The bride-to-be may or may not have given you some rough (or very specific) ideas about what she wants.  But either way it’s always good to shop about and see what’s available in your area, OK she may never have expressly said she’d like a Grease themed dance party, but you never know until you ask!  It may turn out to be the best idea you’ve ever had (but don’t be disappointed if it’s not well received, brides are a notoriously tricky bunch)

6- Learn the art of tough love

Know this now, potential guests will drive you CRAZY!  They will say ‘yes, yes, yes’ to whatever the bride suggests, but as soon as you attempt to pin them down for anything, suddenly they will go off the grid for weeks.  The key here is to be firm but fair.  Assuming you have followed rule four about planning in advance, you probably won’t be springing this on people, so if they don’t have the decency to reply to you in a reasonable time frame you might have to get tough! 

7- Have a plan B

Fact of life: things go wrong, people back out, places get booked up, and things can get stressful.  In a bid to avoid this, always have a back-up plan in case things don’t go to plan.  Get this cleared with bride to be, but in case something does go wrong, at least you’re covered.

8- Get help 

Hen party planning is fun but it’s also stressful.  So if you are having difficulty, ask for help.  If your bride wants to be heavily involved this can make things a lot easier, but even if she’d rather leave it all to you, you can always ask for back up from other bridesmaids or friends and family.  It’s amazing how far a little team working will get you.

9- Don’t pay for anything you cannot get back

Getting people to commit to an event is one thing, getting people to pay is a whole other issue.  If you are in charge of booking things, odds are you’re going to have to pay deposits, but you are not a bank!  If you are asked to pay for anything you cannot get refunded, then get people to cough up before doing so.  The rule should always be no pay, no play.  Also make sure you set out prices clearly so everyone knows what they owe and when.

10- Last of our Top 10 Tips For Planning A Great Hen Party: Have fun!

 This is by far the most important thing to remember.  Yes there will be stressful moments, but you are planning an event for one of your closest friends, to celebrate one of the most momentous days of her life.  So have fun doing it, and more importantly have fun when you get there.  In the majority of cases the end result will always be worth it, and assuming she hasn’t evolved into a total bridezilla, the bride to be will be eternally grateful that you managed to herd everyone she loves into the same place just for her!

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